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At Phygitags, our philosophy is based on the belief that human interaction is essential and that technology can be a powerful catalyst to enhance it. That's why we are committed to creating connected solutions that embrace the concept of "phygital" - the harmonious fusion of the physical and the digital. Our products are designed to simplify business interactions, offering innovative features such as instant data transmission and easy access to key information. Our ultimate goal is to enable our customers to communicate in an efficient, memorable and personalized way, while creating lasting and meaningful connections in the phygital world.

Our offers

We understand the importance of standing out and reflecting the unique identity of each individual and company. That's why we offer customized domes and connected cards, designed specifically to your needs and preferences. Whether it's adding your logo, choosing specific designs and colors, or incorporating custom features, we're here to help you create products that represent you perfectly. With our custom solutions, you can captivate your audience, leave a memorable impression and enhance your communication in an authentic and distinctive way. Make your connected dome or card a true showcase of your professional identity with our customization options.


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