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Our aim is to facilitate communication and strengthen our customers' growth opportunities by developing intelligent communication solutions.

Founded in 2021 and established in France from 2022 within the IoT Valley located in Labège, on the outskirts of Toulouse, PhygiTags is a company that leverages Senzu technology, the first open, scalable and adaptable ecosystem in NFC contactless communication. Thanks to the use of this innovative technology in its products, PhygiTags can rely on a solid, secure and powerful base, giving it a leading position in the connected business card market.

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A passionate team

The PhygiTags team is made up of passionate individuals, driven by a shared determination to push back the boundaries of innovation. Their passion for technology and commitment to creating intelligent communication solutions are the driving forces propelling PhygiTags to new horizons, far beyond the basic connected business card. Whether it's to meet the needs of information sharing, authentication, loyalty or customer service, each team member brings their unique expertise and contributes to the company's bold vision. Thanks to their team spirit, creativity and commitment, the PhygiTags team is ready to take on any challenge and offer innovative solutions that meet their customers' specific needs for today and tomorrow.

A committed company

Our company is deeply committed to promoting a sustainable approach. We understand the importance of reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. That's why we've developed a revolutionary connected card solution that goes far beyond a traditional connected business card. This solution offers a responsible alternative by eliminating the need to use any other medium for your communication needs, while also enabling a multitude of other uses beyond that. Our connected card is fully scalable, customizable and usable for life. We are proud to promote sustainable practices within our industry.


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