The dome

The connected dome that facilitates your daily communication!

Exchange information with your customers from the same space.

The Phygitags connected dome allows you to transmit key information to your interlocutors without any effort and without contact.

Unique, powerful and unlimited for life. No subscription and no hidden fees.

Improve communication

With a single gesture, your customers and prospects have access to all your information.

Save money

No need to print all your communication materials. Update your information with a single click.

Optimize your sales

Create a privileged link with your prospects and share all your sales arguments with them.

The dome, a multifunctional connected object

Phygitags connected dome on a restaurant table

Increased communication

When you need to easily exchange information with your customers, users or visitors, the Phygitags connected dome becomes an indispensable communication tool.

The Phygitags connected dome adapts to all companies, whether you are in the industrial or restaurant field, through tourism.

Save time and improve your customer experience with Phygitags connected domes.

8 reasons to choose Phygitags connected dome

The Phygitags connected dome, an essential tool for your activity.

Discover the unique advantages of the dome for everyday use. 

  • An interface that looks like you

    Easily customize the interface shared with your contacts through a dedicated online site (no installation required). Create your own universe using the colors of your graphic charter.

  • A dome... endless possibilities!

    Add and share all types of information to the document from your Phygitags interface: contact information, website, social networks, welcome booklet, price list, calendar, menu, PDF documents, etc. A catalog of more than 50 features.

  • An innovative customer experience

    Build customer loyalty at every step of their journey: before, during and after their visit. The Phygitags connected dome allows a unique and simple experience to stay in touch with your customers and prospects.

  • An application at your fingertips

    With the connected dome, your customers will be able to install you as an application on their smartphone. The best way to compete with the biggest companies that already have their own, without you having to spend a single euro in development or management costs.

  • 256% secure

    Your data and your customers' data are well guarded! Phygitags adopts the best in data security. Our systems use AES-256 encryption with end-to-end encryption.

  • Save time and money

    The Phygitags connected dome allows your teams to save time on a daily basis to distribute or update information from a single interface. You save money by avoiding printing your documents, brochures and other paper communication supports.

  • For all sectors of activity

    Whether you are in the industrial, restaurant or tourism sectors, the Phygitags connected dome adapts to all your needs.

  • A durable object!

    Phygitags connected domes are made with durable materials. Designed with an epoxy coating, they are built to last over time, indoors and out.

They have adopted the Phygitags connected dome!

Discover the new communication experiences of our clients.

Stand out!

Choose the dome that transforms customer relations!

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Not only is the team top notch, but they are super responsive. With Phygitags technology, my trade shows or events are so much easier! A scan and hop, I have the contact of my customer.
Florian Lizon
Co-founder - Eas'IA
Phygitags has exceeded my expectations. Custom connected domes and exceptional customer service. Recommended!
Emma .A
Manager at Tuli P
Phygitags has transformed the way I communicate. Personalized connected domes and great customer service. I am thrilled!
CEO of e-Fusion
Ernest Boadi
Founder & President of E-Fusion
Phygitags' connected domes are revolutionary! Customized to my needs and offering enhanced communication. I am impressed!
Tom .B
President of IotValley

How does it work?

All about the Phygitags connected dome (FAQ)

What is a Phygitags Connected Dome ?

The Phygitags connected dome is a rigid disc of six centimeters in diameter with an epoxy protection on the top and a specific adhesive on the back allowing it to be fixed on all types of surfaces.

Its main advantage is to simplify your communication by allowing you to centralize the exchange and follow-up of information with your interlocutors. With a simple gesture of your phone over the connected dome, your customers can access all the information, contact details and documents you wish to make available.

How does the Phygitags connected dome work ?

Phygitags connected domes are equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology as well as a QR Code. NFC objects do not need a battery to operate. For example, current bank cards are equipped with an NFC chip for contactless transactions.

NFC technology allows Phygitags connected domes to exchange information with a simple gesture!

Users have two ways to communicate with your Phygitags Dome:

  1. By scanning the QR Code of the dome with the smartphone camera.
  2. By placing the smartphone less than two centimeters from the dome.

Once the Phygitags dome is scanned, users access your company's interface where all the information you want to share is located.

What kind of information can be exchanged with the Phygitags Connected Dome ?

The Phygitags interface allows you to add many modules to exchange all types of information with your customers:

  • Contact information;
  • A link to your website;
  • Your social networks;
  • Email addresses;
  • Plans;
  • Documents to download;
  • Files to consult;
  • Photos or other media;
  • Shared agendas;
  • Forms;
  • Requests for advice.

On your personalized interface, the user can for example consult your products or services, download a price list, visit your website, access your precise location, send you a contact request or send you a Whatsapp message. The possibilities are endless!

What types of devices do Phygitags connected domes work with?

Phygitags connected domes are natively compatible with all types of devices and without the need to install an application.

They are fully compatible with Android and iOS mobile systems.

As long as a smartphone has a camera or an NFC chip, end users can use a Phygitags connected dome.

Compatible with all smartphones

Are my data and those of my users protected with the Phygitags connected dome?

Phygitags uses end-to-end data encryption. Data encryption between an NFC card and a smartphone is a process of protecting the information using secure keys so that it can only be accessed by authorized devices. Each time the card is used, a new access link will be automatically generated to prevent third parties from reading or modifying the information transmitted between the card and the smartphone.

That's why Phygitags connected domes incorporate advanced data encryption with end-to-end encryption. Even if a malicious person tries to leak your card link online, no one will be able to exploit the stored information because it will remain encrypted and unusable.

End-to-end encryption is a very secure method of ensuring that sensitive information remains private.

In addition, the connected dome has a remote lock and unlock feature to prevent unauthorized access to its information.

In which sector of activity can I use the Phygitags connected dome ?

Whatever your industry or profession, you will have a unique use for your connected dome.

The major advantage of Phygitags domes is their customizable portal.

You can adapt the information exchanged to your needs.

A merchant can easily share his contact and business information.

A car dealership can offer test drive slots for its vehicles.

An industry can decide to offer access to its customer service from each of the machines in its fleet.

Some examples



If you work in the industry, the Phygitags connected dome is a practical tool to simplify your after-sales service process with your customers. By scanning a Phygitags dome, customers can be directly connected to the support department. On their side, technicians can remotely identify the customer's machine. They can also access their own space to access the maintenance logbook of a specific machine, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures, etc.



If you are a restaurant owner, we recommend you to place the dome on the tables or on the counter to make your customers discover the menu easily. It will also save your staff time by stopping the distribution of a paper card to each table and save you the new printings every year. This connected dome will also allow you to gain visibility. Your customers will be able to access your social networks in one click. They will be able to leave you an instant 5 star review on Google or another platform. Customers can install a shortcut on their smartphone to check the daily specials, reserve a table or order directly their meal to go.



If you work in the hotel industry, you can place the domes in different places in the establishment depending on the information you want to provide, such as on the tables and counters of the hotel's bars and restaurants to access the menu and reservation modes. You can also install the Phygitags domes in the rooms to highlight information about the room service. Finally, they can be placed at the entrance to replace the hotel's welcome booklets with all the useful information about your establishment: the hotel's services, the rates, the reservation modalities, the current offers, the activities available in the establishment and in the surroundings, etc.

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