Without application

Compatible with all smartphones, no application to download.

Without limit

Powerful features, unbelievable simplicity.

No waste

Say goodbye to paper business cards, reduce disposable media.

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Discover the connected business card

By approaching their phone or scanning the QRCode on your connected card, your meetings will have access to all the information you decide to share with them. A connected business card with direct access to your contact information, your social networks, any document related to your business, quote request, and much more! All of this can be modified without limit and without subscription.

Whatever your field of activity, we have the most adaptable communication solution

Give the world a new way to interact with you

From the connected map to keep always at hand, to the connected dome to leave in a place, your customers will just have to approach their smartphone or scan the QRCode to visualize all the information you want to share with them through a personalized, intuitive and scalable interface.

Give direct access to your menu and daily specials.

Always keep in touch with your customers.

hold 5 stars by collecting positive reviews in one click.

leverage the power of your social networks.

Give direct access to your documents.

Allow instant registration of your contact.

Give yourself a way to collect customer information.

Increase the power of your social networks.

Connected Unlimited card

Card or dome ? Discover our range

The dome

Boost your points of sale by providing important information to your customers in a professional and strategic way.

The PVC card

Optimize your communication by seizing every opportunity with this modern and durable connected card.

The wooden card

Impress your meetings with your connected card with its elegant and natural wooden design and unlimited features!

They have adopted the most comprehensive solution on the market 🚀

CEO of Eas IA

Randy Ralijaona

Founder of the eas'AI company

" I'm really excited to use Phygitags' connected business card on a daily basis for my digital communication. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also provides a great experience. The Phygitags team is incredibly knowledgeable and their service is simply excellent. I highly recommend their connected technology! "

Stand out, go phygital

From the intuitive sensory experience of a physical solution to the personalized and unlimited interactions of digital. How about boosting your impact by seizing every opportunity?

Choose & activate

Connected card or dome, choose the support that suits you. Bring it close to your smartphone once to add the information you want to share.

Connected Unlimited card scanned by a smartphone
Interface of a connected card being customized

Share & control

Leave your card or your dome connected to your contacts to share your information. Follow your statistics from a dedicated interface and modify your information whenever you want.