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The connected business card that revolutionizes your business!

Increase your visibility tenfold with the connected card!

The connected business card that reinvents professional exchanges and saves you time on a daily basis.

Unique, powerful and unlimited for life. No subscription and no hidden fees.

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Share your information in one easy step. No application required.

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Customizable 100% interface. Endless features and modules.


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Endless possibilities!

The business card remains an essential object in professional relations: the Phygitags Card goes much further!
The Phygitags card is designed to develop your professional communication.
In a single stepShare your contact information, documents, brochures, agenda... and much more!

With your connected business card, share for example:

Your social networks




Your documents




Your contact information




Your online branding




Your ecosystem




Your experience




8 major features in a single business card

The Phygitags card has unique benefits:

  • No application to download

    The Phygitags interface is accessible on any type of mobile and operating system. Access your portal everywhere without installing any application.

  • Customizable to 100%

    Customize your physical card but also the interface of each of your profiles easily.

  • One map, many portals

    Each Phygitags card allows you to create several different profiles. Create as many profiles as the type of customer or activity you have. It is possible to create a professional profile and a personal profile for each collaborator.

  • Access management

    On each portal, you can choose the administrators who have access to manage the interface and the modules of your application.

  • Unlimited!

    No need to order new paper business cards each time you change your information! With the Phygitags card, you can add, modify or delete your information at any time and infinitely.

  • Integration of professional tools

    Interconnect your favorite tools with your Phygitags connected card. Synchronize the data of the Phygitags application with your professional software (calendar, contacts, notes...) and your authentication systems.

  • Your statistics live!

    Continuously analyze the number of times the card was scanned, as well as the number of clicks on each module, for each portal.

  • In permanent contact with your customers!

    With one click, your profile will be transformed into an application on your customers' phones. They will be able to find your updated information at any time. The best way to stay in touch.

They have adopted the most comprehensive solution on the market ­čÜÇ

Stand out!

Develop your visibility and deploy an innovative communication.

CEO of Eas IA

Randy Ralijaona

Founder of the eas'AI company

" I'm really excited to use the Phygitags connected business card on a daily basis for my digital communication. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also provides a great experience. The Phygitags team is incredibly knowledgeable and their service is simply excellent. I highly recommend their connected technology! "

How does it work?

All about the Phygitags connected card (FAQ)

Wooden customizable connected card

What is a Phygitags connected card ?

Phygitags cards are physical objects that incorporate an NFC chip that can be read by NFC-enabled phones. This allows users to share all kinds of information at any time by simply placing their phone on the card. As a user, you can personalize your card through the Phygitags studio. You can also customize the interface of your profile in terms of design but also by adding unlimited information through modules and all this from the online interface of Phygitags.

Why use a business card?

Save time and money: Business cards save companies time and money by avoiding advertising costs and allowing easy access to company information at any time.

Facilitating business relationships: Business cards facilitate the exchange of information between companies and potential customers, which can help develop business relationships.

Better information memory: Business cards help people better remember company information, which can increase visibility and brand recognition.

Enhanced brand image: Business cards can enhance a company's brand image by providing a professional and durable way to convey contact information.


How to create and personalize your Phygitags connected card ?

1. Access the Studio Phygitags online.

2. Customize your connected objects to your image. Import your own graphic elements or use the designs proposed in the Studio.

3. Validate your designs, the quantity of your order and order!

The cards will then be made in our local workshop and shipped to your address within 5 days.

You wish to reorder? Don't worry, all your creations remain registered in the Studio.

How to set up your Phygitags connected card ?

1. Scan the NFC card with your smartphone.

2. Create an account by entering some key information such as your email address, phone number and a password.

3. Log in to your account using the previous items.

4. From this step on, a guide will be presented to you to properly set up your NFC card.

5. Create your first portal. It can be a personal or professional portal, depending on your use of the card. You can create as many profiles as you want for each card.

6. On the created portal, add the desired modules: link to your website, to your social networks, to a PDF document, etc. There are many modules on the interface, feel free to explore them all!

How the connected card works

How does the Phygitags connected card work?

The Phygitags card has two solutions to transfer information from your portal to your contacts:

NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is a short-range technology that enables fast and secure data exchange between devices such as cell phones, payment cards and NFC business cards. To exchange your information, simply ask the person you are talking to to position his or her smartphone two centimeters away from your card. He will automatically receive a notification that will allow him to reach the interface you have created beforehand with all your information.

QR Code (Quick Response Code): this is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read by a smartphone or tablet with a camera. To use it, you will have to ask your interlocutor to open the camera application of his smartphone and to scan the QR code present on the card. After that, he will receive a notification to join your interface.

With what types of devices can I use Phygitags connected cards ?

Phygitags cards are natively compatible with all types of devices and without the need to install an application.
They are fully compatible with Android and IOS mobile systems.
As soon as a smartphone has a camera or an NFC chip, end users can use a Phygitags connected card.

Compatible with all smartphones
Connected card data is secured

Are my data and those of my users protected with the Phygitags connected card?

Phygitags uses end-to-end data encryption. Data encryption between an NFC card and a smartphone is a process of protecting the information using secure keys so that it can only be accessed by authorized devices. Each time the card is used, a new access link will be automatically generated to prevent third parties from reading or modifying the information transmitted between the card and the smartphone.

That's why Phygitags connected cards feature advanced data encryption with end-to-end encryption. Even if a malicious person tries to leak your card link online, no one will be able to exploit the stored information because it will remain encrypted and unusable.

End-to-end encryption is a very secure method of ensuring that sensitive information remains private.

In addition, the connected card has a remote lock and unlock feature to prevent unauthorized access to its information.

Is the Phygitags connected card suitable for all professions?

Of course!

Whatever your sector of activity or your trade, you can order and use a Phygitags card.

The major advantage of Phygitags business cards lies in its customizable portal.

You can adapt the information exchanged to your needs.

A sales person can easily share his contact information and sales brochures.

A freelancer can share an appointment form.

A real estate agent may decide to share his or her catalog of properties for sale.

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