Phygitags chosen by Olympique Lyonnais to present its connected business card during the Lyon - Nice match at Groupama Stadium

Lyon, November 11, 2022 - Phygitags, an innovator in connected business cards, is proud to announce its partnership with Olympique Lyonnais for the match between the Lyon team and the Nice team on the evening of November 11, 2022 at Groupama Stadium.

For this major event, Olympique Lyonnais has chosen Phygitags to provide an innovative business card experience for entrepreneurs in the dressing rooms. By replacing traditional paper business cards with connected business cards, guests will be able to exchange their business information in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

Phygitags stands out for its cutting-edge technology that combines the physical and digital worlds. Phygitags' connected business cards enable entrepreneurs to integrate information such as their name, company, phone number and e-mail address, as well as advanced features to showcase their various social networking profiles and website, all accessible with a simple tap of the smartphone.

By choosing Phygitags for this event, Olympique Lyonnais confirms its commitment to innovation and digital transformation. This partnership offers entrepreneurs attending the event a unique opportunity to discover a new way of sharing their business contact details simply, elegantly and effortlessly.

"We're delighted that Olympique Lyonnais has chosen Phygitags to present its connected business card at this exciting event. It's an exceptional opportunity to showcase our innovative technology in front of a large audience," says Margaux Laforgue, President of Phygitags. "We are convinced that this collaboration will strengthen our position as market leader, and enable entrepreneurs in Lyon and beyond to benefit from our connected business card solution".

Phygitags invites all entrepreneurs attending the Lyon - Nice match to discover the benefits of the connected business card, and to make contacts in a simpler, more interactive way than ever before.

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About Phygitags

Phygitags is an innovative company specializing in connected business card solutions. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Phygitags enables professionals to share their contact information interactively and efficiently, replacing traditional business cards with connected business cards. The company aims to facilitate professional exchanges while reducing environmental impact. Phygitags is based near Toulouse, France.

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